Witchstock XXV 9/27, 9/28, 9/29

Camping Retreat

Witchstock is a weekend retreat and campout for the Wiccan community, their friends and family, and other like-minded folk. It offers the opportunity to connect with fellow attendees as members of a community, and a family in a natural environment. It is a place were we can find ourselves again, where we can look to our neighbor and see our kindred, and where we can look within and find the Divine. We invite you to shake off the shackles of your everyday life, commune with the Lord and Lady, experience the Elements, and rekindle the spiritual community of Witchstock for the twenty-fifth year in a row. To learn more about Witchstock, please click on the "Witchstock FAQ" button.  Please note: Witchstock is a clothing optional event.

Witchstock FAQ


Registration forms are available for download after Beltane. Campground information and confirmation packets will not be sent until we have received a completed registration form. Mail your form, or make arrangements to get it to us, by September 14. Registration forms received after this date may not be processed in time to send your confirmation packet to you. Click on the "Files" button to download the registration form. 


The Journey

Every year Witchstock's organizers ruminate over what our theme will be this time. It can't be last year's, and that's too bad because it was a great concept. We had some wonderful, original artwork created for it, and T-shirts printed up with the design. Unfortunately, we were almost completely rained out. Some people bowed out before the storms even started. Some left Friday evening, and early Saturday, as the deluge flooded tents and awnings collapsed under the weight of rain falling at the rate of several inches an hour. Some stayed long enough to attend workshops and ritual but were packed up and ready to go as revel started. Those that stayed on had a glorious time dancing wildly around a fiercely burning bonfire and shouting defiantly into the dark, sodden sky. The rain did not dampen their spirits in the least.

This year's Witchstock is a couple weeks later in the season and we hope well away from such uncharacteristically monsoon-ish, early Autumn weather in Texas. So, what lesson do we take from last year to inspire us for this year's event. To quote Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, "Into each life some rain must fall", and that leads me to this thought: Life is often about the stuff that happens to us that we can't control, and we can't change. We must remember though that "Behind the clouds is the sun still shining", and that's what gets us going again. We live, we learn. We fall down, we get up. We cry, we laugh through the tears. This is how we cope. This is how we go on. Every day is an adventure, and life is a journey. And this is the theme for Witchstock 25.